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To the nines

“Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form.” Buddhist “Heart of Perfect Wisdom Sutra” Sam, It is the year of the Monkey, the ninth of twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac cycle. And, the ninth year of living without you—and your monkey-hugs.

Tightrope Walkers

tight·rope (tītʹrōp´) noun 1. A tightly stretched rope, usually of wire, on which acrobats perform high above the ground. 2. An extremely precarious course or situation.  “I am always at the beginning,” said The Buddha, on being asked what life was like. Hello 2015. Here we are: at the beginning again. Accidental […]

The shadows beside me

Boys at sunset, Naples '04

  While we (bereaved parents) are readjusting to our perception of what grief is, and who we are as we grieve, and how our relationship with our deceased child will be, grief changes and evolves, subsides and resurfaces. 

Day 14, “Two”

Boys laughing

Poem #14: “Two” Tufts of hair, Freckled noses, Full cheeks Below thick dark lashes Body motions Residue and remnants  I have two sons One in this world and One in that world Two pirates Two feathers in my pocket To shape my heart with

Willower, defined

We use the words widow, widower, and orphan, but there is no word in our vocabulary that identifies the bereaved parent. So I’ve coined the term willower. will·ow·er (wĭlʹō-ər) noun a. A bereaved parent.  b. A person whose child, or children, has died. c. A person that willows, or grieves the death of their child, or children: Each willower processes grief in […]

On Keeping Belongings

On Keeping Belongings – The 10th Anniversary of Gili’s Death. By Henya Shanun-Klein, Ph.D. If you ask a bereaved parent: “What would you have saved first (assuming that there were no people nor animals in the house) if your house was caught on fire?” My guess is that the parent’s […]