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Day 20, “Zoo”


Poem #20: “Zoo” Zookeeper’s fingers, relaxed Splayed Leafy chameleon, sticky toes Stayed Don’t be loud, touch Gently Note his eyes, orbit Independently Scaly thing, never misses A fly Spellbound children, eyes Up high On the mini-dinosaur’s Gripping tail In and around knotty branches Going pale   We touched a snake, a […]

Day 19, “Powerful”

Sam's "Powerful Phrases"

Phrases #19: “Powerful” By Sam K. (age 8) Warm spring rain Cool blast of air I’d give up anything for you. Hot summer sand Warm, green ocean water Let the force be with you I love you deeper than the ocean With great power, comes great responsibility

Day 18, “Interview”


My apologies for this snarky poem. Starting to show some NaPoWriMo wear and tear. Wrote commentary (below) to explain more. Poem #18: “Interview” What do you do? I’m into haiku Where do you work? In my head (smirk) How much does it pay? Nothing, but Namaste So how do you […]

Day 15, “Fly”

Poem "Fly"

Poem #15: “Fly” There was a total lunar eclipse today (Tuesday, April 15th) that turned the moon a coppery red. A blood-moon. And it was one of four total eclipses that will take place in North America within the next year and a half, NASA says. Only wish I could have stayed […]

Day 14, “Two”

Boys laughing

Poem #14: “Two” Tufts of hair, Freckled noses, Full cheeks Below thick dark lashes Body motions Residue and remnants  I have two sons One in this world and One in that world Two pirates Two feathers in my pocket To shape my heart with

Day 13, “Black”

 Poem 13: “Black” I didn’t look At her face Couldn’t look Afraid if I did I’d see myself In her fly’s eyes Black and green A mosaic of Memories I just stared At her coral-colored talon Stabbing at me From the black Spidery fingers Reaching Searching Spinning her web And I stepped […]

Day 11, “Tragic”

Poem #11: “Tragic” I’m starved for angel’s food cake And air But I’m served up funny with a piece Of hair Why so tragic, my appetite’s gone like I care Oh why does every recipe say, “serves four” I swear Plug in the machine, write him back to me An […]

Day 9, “Circle”

Poem #9: “Circle” Circle in a square Ring on a field Soul in a body Voice in a box Letter on a sign Baby in a crib Stone in a garden Body in an urn Piece on a board game Spot on a die Heart in a highboy Bullet in a […]

Day 7, “Awake—”

Poem #7: “AWAKE—” AWAKE— Too much, too quiet, too deafening, Too empty, too perpetual, too lost, Too miserable.  AWAKE— I touch his clothes, his shirts, Each one a personality, Each one a story that covered his heart; Their arms sag, lifeless, They don’t reach up over his head, Or fill […]