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Day 29, “Deaf”

Sam's poem: "Deaf"

Poem #29: “Deaf” By Sam K. (age 9) Some people say noise hurts their head Some people say they wish they were dead all because it’s oh so loud but I am absolutely wowed for I cannot hear a thing not a single jingle or a ring I cannot think of […]

Day 23, “Flight”


Poem #23: “Flight” In a dream flying over a black sea dark and cold arctic cold Fast, in sync birds in flight knowing when to turn speed up, slow down together Passing over seals shining switching sides striped dolphins close enough to touch Beluga whales gibbous moons in all their majesty […]

Day 19, “Powerful”

Sam's "Powerful Phrases"

Phrases #19: “Powerful” By Sam K. (age 8) Warm spring rain Cool blast of air I’d give up anything for you. Hot summer sand Warm, green ocean water Let the force be with you I love you deeper than the ocean With great power, comes great responsibility