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Sam, old soul, magician, and aspiring writer.

March 2, 1998 – April 30, 2007

On a sunny Monday afternoon (April 30, 2007), my worst nightmare became a reality when my nine-year-old son, Sam, collapsed on the playground at school and died. 

In rare cases, without warning, the first symptom of HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy—an excessive thickening of the heart muscle without an obvious cause—is sudden cardiac death. 

I started writing, needing to do something to keep the memory of my beautiful boy alive.

Determined to keep the memory of my beautiful boy alive, I’ve spent the years since Sam’s death learning how to write. Practicing, reading, taking classes, writing, and rewriting. Perhaps, it’s a way of embodying my little boy. Sam loved to write stories.

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