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Day 9, “Circle”

Poem #9: “Circle”


Circle in a square
Ring on a field
Soul in a body
Voice in a box

Letter on a sign
Baby in a crib
Stone in a garden
Body in an urn

Piece on a board game
Spot on a die
Heart in a highboy
Bullet in a gun

Owl in a window
Whale in a pool
Earth on a poster
Marble in a bag

Eye in a glass frame
Curl on a comb
Sand in an hourglass
Circle in a square

Categories: Rewriting Life After Loss

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Rewriting life since the sudden death of my nine-year-old son, Sam (2007).
Trying to LEARN, think, remember, IMAGINE, cope, care, read, EAT, write, live, LAUGH, listen, enjoy, walk, meditate, stretch, watch, stop, BREATHE...and keep going.

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