2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2014: day 2, “Terns”

  1. lorien

    Hi Deanna, I came across your post because of the NaPoWriMo tag, and I was touched when I saw what this blog is all about. As a mother of two young children, I am haunted by the idea of loss, how terrifying that would be, how hard it would be to pick up the pieces and continue to live, to search for happiness in the face of such unimaginable sadness. I see you as a brave soul indeed, to share your story and create a place to find resources and inspiration. Thank you for this incredibly important and courageous work you are doing.

    1. Deanna Post author

      Thank you, thank you for visiting and for the kind words, Lorien. It’s taken a very long time to reach this point. And yoga has been very helpful to me. I visited your site, and I must say, your “strong and balanced” pose is impressive. I won’t try that one yet, I need my hands/arms for typing! If you ever want to share any yogic wisdom, tips/info, let me know. Congratulations on your beautiful babies!!


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